The Sound of Control:
From Cracks and Tolerances to the Window Weather Strip

For the MIT Centennial, the video/sound piece adapts window sound research from Prof. Jones and Prof. Helmrich's class entitled Resonance. The project looks at two window case studies:
1_the original 1664 Whitfield Stone House, interior and exterior
2_a standard vinyl window home in Massachusetts, interior and exterior

From these studies, an edited video of 6 minutes long (2 minutes for each window) is compiled. The various "sounds" of each window capture the "outside" excluded sound as the window seal technology grows more rigorous (i.e. the old windows let more sound of the outside in and the newer windows are quieter and let less sound in). Such an investigation highlights what is lost as technology develops towards a separate goal. In this case the tension between thermal enclosure and sound transfer.