History methods seminar

This seminar is an introduction to recent work in the history of architecture. The seminar will look at work completed (or to be published) from the last seven years. From books and articles in various global architecture histories, from pre-colonial to the post-colonial, the class will investigate multiple contexts and multiple time scales with the only requirement being a recent work of scholarship. The seminar will address key historical questions in the breadth of architecture history today including: What is architecture history? What is architecture theory? How does architecture history engage with post-colonial, environmental, STS (Science and Technology Studies), urban studies, landscape, digital, and legal history? How does the history of architecture engage with the history of gender, race, and social history? The seminar will ask questions of the state of the field: What questions are being asked? How is historiography being re-written? How is evidence defined and re-defined? What makes scholarship important? This course is for graduate-level students in art and architecture history.

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